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The DIGICOUNTER is an IT company focused on developing solutions for the transport. The modern businessman is aware that it must have tools for monitoring are:

Where is your car now and how many passengers are on board.

How was the accountability and how your fleet is being used.


Passenger On-Line

Take control of passengers in your vehicle using online data transfer for GSM / GPRS network. Know where the vehicle is currently and how many passengers are aboard, how many passengers were transported on trips even before the accountability of the crew on board. View map of location in vehicle control and arrival and departure on specific points.


Vehicle Tracking

Instant location of fleet vehicles in digitized map. Registration of routes and landmarks. Points with stops in duration. Fulfillment of pre-established times and registration information at point of charts monitored by the system. Monitoring of the actual situation in reference to programming. Reports customized to analysis involving all data stored in the database.


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